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Reverse Mortgages - Dennis Sanchez, DS ConsultingThere are countless websites selling reverse mortgages that generally rehash the same information to keep consumers in the dark. This website is unlike any of those. As a licensed CPA and lender, we aim to educate consumers about reverse mortgages, rather than sell. We have clients throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties, including La Mirada, Whittier, and surrounding cities. If you want to move forward after you understand how reverse mortgages work, we’ll be glad to help you through that process.

Our promise to you is that we will not just tell you what you want to hear—that your home’s equity can give you extra income—but we promise to give you the  information you need to know about taking out a reverse mortgage. We’ll tell you the risks, the benefits, and even the loopholes unethical reverse mortgage providers can use to line their pockets.

Any mortgage, but especially a reverse mortgage, is a very big deal. It is intended to last a lifetime. We encourage all of our clients to involve their attorney, children or other trusted advisors in the decision-making process. We welcome that kind of transparency.

Our goal is to give you the pros and cons so you can be more informed in your evaluation, not steer you to a decision that helps us. In fact, a reverse mortgage is often not the best alternative for many clients we speak with. In those cases, we gladly recommend other solutions.

But if after learning the information here, it provides a starting point for additional discussions and analysis, we’ve done our job. For some, we expect it to be enough “bad news” to persuade you to seek other alternatives. Remember, we are happy to help you evaluate those other options. Our goal is to highlight critical information that is often hidden from the consumer, or buried in hundreds of pages of mandatory but hard-to-understand disclosures.

Please—if you are thinking about a reverse mortgage, and you obviously are, by reading this far—contact us to find out what we know after many years in the business of advising homeowners. We’ll help you understand all the variables in the decision making process, and gladly have a conference call if there is more than one party wanting to understand reverse mortgages better. We’ll freely share our expertise with you and your family or attorney. We will be frank, and expect nothing in return. At a minimum, you will be armed with some knowledge to better evaluate your options.

Thank you so much for your time. We look forward to serving you!


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